This web site provides an artistic as well as informative guide to the timeless wonders of Kamakura. And you can enjoy most of the videos in less time than it takes to boil and egg. (An ostrich egg cooked over a candle.)

Located in Kanagawa prefecture, Japan, Kamakura is only 50 kilometres south-west of Tokyo, making it an easy day-trip. Have a quick glance at the interactive map though and you'll see it deserves--nay, demands--more than a single day.

Something to note: much of the city was devastated in the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923, so many temples and shrines, though founded centuries ago‚ have been rebuilt. Don't let this spoil your enjoyment. It's more the atmosphere and the Japanese aesthetic that makes Kamakura marvelous.

Finally, many of Kamakura's most popular temples and shrines can be very crowded on weekends and holidays. An authentic and moving experience insists on silence. That also means your should keep you own mouth shut. Don't copy the natives who seem to act like they're on a visit to Disneyland. Try to go on a weekday and step off the well-beaten tourist path. This web site should help.

Historical nugget #1: Kamakura was the 4th largest city in the world in 1250 AD, with 200,000 people, and Japan's largest.